General Contractor

A general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination of a home construction project. Much like a project manager a general contractor is there to make sure that things run smoothly and work is completed on time. Castle Ridge Construction’s general contractors work with you to ensure that your project is done right the first time.

Why Hire A General Contractor?

A General contractor is the single point of contact between you and your project. They apply for your building permits, manage the on-site workers, dispose of or recycle construction waste, as well as provide the materials and equipment needed to complete the job. Hiring a general contractor means that you no longer have to deal with anyone else. The contractor becomes responsible for dealing with the different trades workers that will be working on your home and has the skills and knowledge to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise through the project.

In addition to reducing risk, general contractors have access to materials and labor at a reduced cost, lowering the overall cost of the project & off-setting the cost of hiring individual contractors or sub-trades.

If you’re considering a renovation or remodel you should be thinking of hiring a general contractor. Contact Castle Ridge Construction to discuss the benefits of hiring one of our general contractors for your project. With over 15 years servicing the Newmarket and surrounding areas you can trust the experts at Castle Ridge Construction to get the job done on time and on budget.

General Contractor


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